Australian 50 Dollar Note



Australian 50 Dollar Note

The Australian 50 dollar note is one of the most interesting and unique banknotes in the world. It is made of a polymer material instead of paper, and it features a clear window as well as a number of security features. In this blog post, we will explore the essentials of the Australian 50 dollar note. We will discuss its history, design, and security features. We will also provide some tips on how to use and store your polymer banknotes.

The Design of the Note

The Australian dollar note is designed to be a highly secure and durable banknote. It is made from a polymer material that is resistant to dirt, moisture and most common forms of wear and tear.

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Australian Legal Tender

The Australian dollar note is a legal tender in Australia. The note is made of a polymer material and has a plastic strip running through it. The note also has a watermark of the Queen’s head and an embossed print of the Coat of Arms. The notes are printed by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and are legal tender for payment in Australia.

History of the Fifty Dollar Note


The fifty dollar note was first introduced into circulation on 10 September 1984, replacing the former paper $50 note. The note was designed by Gordon Andrews and has a portrait of Aboriginal writer and inventor David Unaipon on the obverse and a scene of the Southern Cross over Mount Kosciuszko on the reverse.

In 1992, the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to replace the $50 note with a coin. However, due to public opposition, the decision was reversed and production of new $50 notes resumed in 1994. In 1995, a revised design was introduced which saw the size of the portrait reduced and some background details removed. The words ‘AUSTRALIA’ and ‘FIFTY DOLLARS’ were also added to both sides of the note for greater clarity.

As with all Australian banknotes, there are a number of security features which have been incorporated into the design of the $50 note to help prevent counterfeiting. These include: watermarking, microprinting, raised printing, iridescent striping and latent images.


So there you have it, the essentials of the Australian 50 dollar note! Be sure to keep these key points in mind the next time you receive one of these notes. And if you’re ever curious about other banknotes from around the world, be sure to check out our blog for more informative articles.

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